Since I learned to walk, I worked in the family restaurant, learning and loving the food of my people. Yet, I knew I would not, and could not, stay in my seaside village forever.

  So I gave up paradise and traveled the world. With nothing but a change of clothes and a portable spice kit, I set off. Every night I slept somewhere new. I meditated in the mountains of Nepal, partied in the pubs of England and Ireland, soaked up the culture of Paris and ran for my life down the streets of Pamplona.

  Along the way, I met others who were as impassioned about food and new experiences as I am. I sampled new amazing dishes from their native countries and learned to fuse them with the meals of my childhood. After traveling the globe, I lowered my sails and now call Penticton my home. I have set up a restaurant on the shores of Okanagan Lake so I can share the dishes inspired from my travels.

   At my restaurant customers can enjoy both the food and one of the most spectacular views in the world. So, for now, I invite you to a trot around the globe, led by the life and times of someone you can call Cambo.

Our hours of operation are (7 days a week):

Daily: 11:30am - 9:00pm

Breakfast (Saturday and Sunday - June to August): 9:00am